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IP Telephony

Our telecom solutions encompass the complete range of telecom services for enterprises enabling you to remain competitive and keep pace with customer demands. These include a bouquet of services in the area of telephony, networked telephony, data connectivity, video, the Internet and managed services. We also offer IP telephony solutions which reduce recurring expenses for communication.

Using standard Internet Protocol (IP) data networks and methods to transport all forms of information media – voice, data, and video is more efficient and opens the door for the creation of new value-added cross-media features and applications.

Key benefits of IP telephony: Automation of routine administrative functions, Riddance of intra-site long distance expenses, Reduced administration as well as network costs, Effective optimization of existing resources, Integrated applications, Simplified administration in connection with telecommunications infrastructure, Enhanced efficiency of IT resources, Enhanced operational efficiencies, Effectively bring together mobile and remote employees, Increased mobility, ie, with the introduction of this technology, employees are no longer tied up with the phone in their offices. This, in turn, has enabled the workers to communicate on business matters from home or even from the road, Benefits of virtual workforce, ie, this system enables it allows call centers and other business desks to operate independent of physical boundaries, Effective as well as efficient management of your fax, voicemail, and email messages

Firewall & VPN Connectivity

VPN and connectivity: In today’s world it is a necessity to reach out to every site and office of the enterprise regardless of geography and on a 24×7 basis. Interconnectivity is inevitable for achieving the business goals of serving more customers and increasing productivity, reducing cost, reducing time to market new products.

We help you to interconnect your office at the lowest cost without compromising on security and performance. We can design and implement best connectivity solution for your main office and branch offices based on the bandwidth requirement and internet usage.Policy based or route based, IPsec or SSL, Static or Dynamic, whatever the situation we can advise and implement the right connectivity solution for your complete business entities.

Available VPN & Conectivity Services

  • Mikrotik
  • Sonicwall
  • Fortinet
  • Open VPN(open source)
  • Linux based appliances

Annual Maintenance Contracts is available.

Networking support

Whether you need a few computers connected or you’re looking for an entire networking plan that allows for growth and expansion, we have the exact networking solution. We analyze, assess, audit, plan, implement, monitor and manage complete data and network solutions designed for your specific business needs.
We provide – IT managed service options and comprehensive computer support, Fast response — remote and on-site, Flexible and affordable packaging, Attentive and personalized customer service. Annual Maintenance Contracts is available.

Server support

The world now revolves around the pulse of web world and so even if your site went down for a few minutes, there are chances that you will loose a potential customer. And recurring server downtime will drag away your existing customers to your competitors.
Your company deserves the best server support, and that’s where server management companies like us come in. Our team has vast experience in managing Linux and Windows servers. Our server support includes following Linux flavors CentOS(5.x,6.x), RedHat(5.x,6.x), Ubuntu and Debian. In Windows, we support Windows 2003 and 2008 web edition.
We support cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin, Kloxo, ISPConfig and server with no control panel. Our virtualization support includes OpenVZ, Xen, and VMWare with SoluVM and HyperVM control panel.

We offer the following among many server support services: File Server, Program Server, Active Directory /LDAP Server, Email Server, Cloud / Virtualization Server, Backup / Redundant Server, Antivirus Server, Storage Server

Apple Mac Support

Until the late 1980s, Apple was mainly a consumer-based company but in 2001, Apple started to focus energy on the enterprise sector again with the release of OS X. When OS X was announced, there were two versions: a standard version that could run on clients, and a server version that was capable of turning a Mac into a full-fledged server and running server-grade apps and services. The key to OS X is its UNIX underpinning, which made it more secure, more robust, and more resilient than other Oss helping in creating solutions with enterprise-grade hardware, software, and operating systems.

Apple Mac Support Includes

  • Microsoft Windows set up in Mac
  • Network set up in Mac & Windows systems
  • Backup set up for Mac systems
  • Chip level support for Mac laptop & desktop

We at Nifty specialize in Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server and are experienced in dealing with Macintosh support, systems integration, updates, installation, and networking, software, database, email, security, antivirus and administration issues in single or mixed-platform environments.

Desktop support for business

We provide desktop support services for any small, medium or large-scale business; particularly those may not have a dedicated IT professional working onsite or perhaps where the level of desktop support required is highly specialist.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

Nifty also helps you manage your technology expenses with a variety of flexible service options for your desktops. Services include hardware maintenance & support, software support, new technology deployment, remote office support and more.

Spread your Business with Digital Marketing

In today’s world, where the world changed from “traditional” banner advertising to the current frontier of social media marketing, where everything is online and digital, marketing happens in real time. Strong tactics and strategy and deep knowledge of the web strata and trends are the core of digital marketing.

For most companies, the greatest challenge in the age of digital marketing is that the trends and changes are rapid and they should react it along for the marketing efforts to meet its target.

This is where we come in handy. Our digital marketing services deliver outstanding results online. Be it market research, SEO, social media marketing, brand development, web design services, search engine optimized content creation, online reputation management paid
search advertising, viral videos, animation and motion graphics, campaigns or lead generation
we got it all covered.

Website designing

A website speaks a lot about the company. It is very pertinent for any organization to have a comprehensive web page for itself. We, at Spartan IT Solutions, provide end to end solution in website designing. We use the latest technologies to provide our clients with highly secure and professional websites with custom made features to match the business objectives.

An embarrassing or outdated website can send visitors running and scare off potential business leads. We create beautiful custom designed websites that draw in leads and help your business grow.

We spend the time upfront to find the right balance between these important elements so the website we deliver is perfect for you and your business. With every website design project, we find the right balance between unique web design and usability for a website your audience will love.